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    Hey guys, been a while since I’ve posted. Juggling the brand new baby, work and work on the boat lol. FINALLY took her out for the first time after re sealing the bottom. Question for y’all though, is there supposed to be foam in the rear around the bilge? She seems to sit low, water was splashing through the deck drain, but not constantly and the bilge stays dry. Any ideas? Motor that’s on it is a Johnson 115 2 stroke for any motor related questions.

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    Howdy Vlad...congrats to you on the new baby and glad to hear you found some time to get the boat out on the water.

    About the foam in the stern bilge nineteen does have factory foam back there but only on the other side of the two main stringers. My center bilge area does not have any factory foam.

    If your boat is sitting low in the stern try moving some weight forward. Most of us Mako owners store the batteries and any holding containers under the center console. Also when you bring coolers and gear try and stow them forward as well.

    If you still have issues with water backing in through the deck drain, you can simply plug it up while using the boat and remove the plug at the end of the boating day.

    Good luck with baby and boat!


    A wise man once said, "Son... if it has tits, tires or a transom... sooner or later it's gonna give you problems." -the old man

    1972 Classic Mako 19


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      Thanks polelock! Most of my weight is already forward so I’m just going to go ahead and plug it for now. Once it gets cold I’m going to start repairs that require downtime, so I might as well add pulling the floor and inspecting/ refoam to the list lol. Another question, My wife hates when I run the boat in the yard because it smokes out the house no matter how far away I have it. (Flipping neighborhood) ever have any luck or try to stuff a 115hp into like a 55g drum to run staged?


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        I’m also wanting to install my bilge pump correctly. Currently it’s just zip tied off the side of the boat. I was curious about placement before I go drilling holes in my transom Willy nilly, should it be drilled above the water line of the boat?