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1992 Miami Mako 171 - Repair or Restore?

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  • 1992 Miami Mako 171 - Repair or Restore?

    Good morning fellow boat enthusiasts,

    I always thought the best two days of a boat owners life were the day he buys it and the day he sells it๐Ÿ˜…. But this spring I've gotten into a little bit of trout fishing and the ability to go out on the lake or cruise the river seemed pretty ideal. I came across this deal of a boat where I spent not even the cost of the trailer to bring this thing home. I have big plans for it but everyone is telling me to fix the transom and leave it at that. The streamers are in less than perfect shape but check out my short YouTube clip to get an Idea of what we're looking at. Part 2 should be up by now as it is currently uploading, there I cut away most of the damaged area and take a look *deeper* inside.

    I guess that the right way is probably to separate the bottom fiberglass hull from the fiberglass deck, unless someone could inform me otherwise. It seems like more trouble than its worth since the fiberglass tub which is bonded together, its in basically in perfect condition. Since there is no plywood or anything but fiberglass in the floor of the boat so I wouldn't want to further compromise the structural integrity of the hull.

    Thank you for your time and interest

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    Nice rig ! Love t top option! Yes everything is repairable just takes time...there is another transom thread for a 21 foot but its basically the same 1986 21b Transom Restoration , also utube is your friend, Ill be following!