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1986 Mako 254 - Auxiliary Tank "FLOATING"?

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  • 1986 Mako 254 - Auxiliary Tank "FLOATING"?

    1986 Mako 254

    So I started into what I thought would be a quick project - replacing the teak under the console. Not as easy as I thought, but that's a topic for another day.

    While under the console, I decided to pull the small hatch that exposes the top of the auxiliary tank. What I found was a semi-transparent tank "FLOATING" in water. The tank does not appear to be secured in any way. It's just floating in the cavity. I can reach in and move it around in the water. There is water almost to the top of the cavity around the tank.

    Should this cavity drain anywhere? Can you point me in a direction to look to find where the water may be coming into this cavity? I mean, is the PVC pipe that runs from the forepeak locker to the bilge supposed to drain this area? Looking at the drawings from Mako, there is no mention of this area other than it is where an Auxiliary fuel tank would be. I don't see a sender unit.

    Trying not to pull the entire console. It started raining like crazy and got cold, so I didn't get to do a lot of investigation.

    Thanks in advance.


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    So I reached out to Mako directly. They said since the boat was "Pre-merger", they did not have any information to help.

    I am going to vacuum the water out today and see what I've got.

    Does anyone know if there is a drain for this area? Wondering if it's clogged or if all the holes from the teak trim breaking down and allowing the console to shift around and wallow out the mounting holes has allowed water to penetrate this area with nowhere to go.




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      Mine had an aluminum factory tank in it and it was lag bolted and foamed in Sounds like maybe somebody added that little gem after the fact Mine had a little water as well so we drilled a drain hole to the bilge. if it is sealed correctly from the top hatch there should not be any water able to get in
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        Just make sure its actually water and not old leaking fuel before you run it through your shop vac!!!
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          So I drained the Auxiliary Tank area today. It held about 30 gallons of water. WOW!! There was no fuel in the water - made sure of that. Thanks APMako22. When i stick my head down into the hatch, it appears there used to be another tank mounted here. There is a wall of foam on the perimeter that was obviously molded around a larger tank. The tank that is in there currently is much smaller, white, plastic, transparent, and does not appear to be mounted in any way. I mean, I can reach down in there and move the tank around.

          It appears to be a freshwater tank. I located a hose that runs forward into the fuel tank area and then up under the console, then through a pump that runs to an outlet on the side of the console. There is also a fill hose that runs from the side of the boat down into the tank. Will have to give that thing a good cleaning before I even think about using it. And it probably needs a new pump.

          I think the water is getting into this area due to the numerous holes from the console mounts wallowing out and due to the fact that the inspection port is not sealed with any silicone, etc.

          Well - I guess I added a few more things to my list.


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            Post some pics so we have a better idea of what you are dealing with. I am in the middle of a tank swap also. Just received my tank from builder. Old one was corroded and pitted.