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232b Bracket Removal

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  • 232b Bracket Removal

    Does anyone have any experience removing the bracket on a 232? Are the six primary fasteners bolts or studs? The nuts came off easy enough but was not sure if beating each fastener was the way to go or pulling the bracket is how it needs to happen.

    Thanks in advance -

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    I'm going to guess there are more than 6 fasteners.

    Also its likely that bracket was bonded to the hull with 5200, so you'll need to mechanical abrade that. in other words use a rope saw, long blade on a recip, possibly one of those oscillating multi tools..

    I'd be really shocked if there were only 6 bolts/studs.


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      I made a cutter out of PowerPro, used some debond and then made some wood wedges. This was on my Grady.


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        Thanks for the ideas. There were eight threaded rods tapped into the bracket flange and backed with nuts. The trick was a steady diet of hardwood wedges, de-bond, and patience. Once we got rolling with this system, working from the top, it really was not too bad at all.