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1991 261 transom rot

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  • 1991 261 transom rot

    Question I was replacing one of my thru hulls and discovered some rot. I had it surveyed and located two small areas were rot was detected. Any recommendations on filling these two areas to get me through summer. There is zero stress cracks on any stringers or transom itself. Also there is no signs of delamination or flex. The areas taped off in blue or where the rot is. I pulled the thru hull in the very bottom and the wood is solid with no rot whatsoever Thanks

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    Honestly if you don't have flex yet or any cracks just keep an eye on it till you are ready to replace it. The one on the port looks like it is running into the stringer but im.not sure of the severity. Just be ready to have to scan a stringer when you replace the transom. I'm doing it on my 261 now.


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      Oh man. Are you enclosing it to hang a bracket? Any chance you can send me some pics just to give me a review of what you got? I would love to see what you’re doing if possible. Thank you for the response 👌🏼

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    Just wondering how much freeboard you have left on your transom with these two heavy engines....we have a 200hp v-6 four stroke Suzuki on our Mako 201.......took off the 35 gall bait tank and now only fill the 100 gall gas tank half way to give us a little more freeboard at the aft end,and plugged off the two splash well plug holes....often wonder why these Mako's were designed with such a large cut-out on the transom......I still the boat design in general.