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  • cap removal

    I am starting a project on my Mako the wood under the cap is rotten. the floor is still solid. has anyone attempted this? this is my first time doing this and I cannot find anything on the internet on how to. while I have the cap off I would like to redo the transom as well. any suggestion is appreciated. thanks in advance.
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    I can't speak to removing the cap, there are a few people on here who have done it and it sounds like a huge job from what I have read.

    If you are asking about the boat in your sig picture, it looks like an early 70's 23. I have the same boat and replaced core in most of my decks from below. It was probably easier than removing the cap. The boat was upside down to do gel on the sides and paint on the bottom. Took advantage of this and pulled the core. Being upside down made putting the new core in much easier. Something to consider.
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      It can certainly be done, and would make replacing some of the core easier, however, removing the cap is a big undertaking. I decided against removing the cap in favor of replacing the core in the decks from the top. If you do decide to remove the cap, make sure you take measures to stabilize the hull and cap while you have them separated to prevent any sort of distortion. Good luck.