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Beeze455's Mako 19

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  • Beeze455's Mako 19

    Well I have been browsing this forum for about a year now and keeping an eye out for a project boat. I found one and just got back.

    The guy said if I bought it trailer for 350 I could have the this 20 foot mako. After chatting with him a bit on the phone, it turns out the trailer had junk tires and the bearings where shot and the wiring was unknown. He said would do all the bearings, seals, wiring and tires for another 350. I said for 700 total I would be down to grab it.

    He said the boat has a junk transom, but everything else was fine. He said it was a mako 20 also. Well it measures to be 19' and I cannot find the VIN. It's filthy. Sombody put a tank under the console, so it is safe to assume the other one was leaking.

    Anyway to figure out what this is exactly and year?

    Here are some pics:

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    This is SO funny I just passed you hauling this boat earlier this morning headed north in 95 near York Maine.

    This is a 19' hull for sure looks like mid 70s to me...check the starboard transom near rubrail for a HIN....
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      LOL - that is funny.

      Took a look and nothing. The guy said he thought it was under the splash gaurd. It was not. Looked around quickly for a hidden one, but found nothing.


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        Nice find....Mako 19 for sure.

        From the looks of the console design and the fuel tank stowed beneath it, I'd say it's a 68' or 69'.

        Heck it may be one of the original 40 Mako 19 hulls.....there are two other CM members rebuilding theirs right now in the forum...

        good luck, keep us posted!
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          it does look exactly like "Rick Upson's 1969 Mako 19"


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            Hey Beeze455 welcome to CM. Looks like your gonna need a transom at least. Look at PoleLock's thread. on how he glassed and poured it. Fantastic how to and great pics.

            Maybe he can chime in with the name. Don't remember.

            Good luck!
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              How does one tell if this is one of the original mako 40's?


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                Also, I know I need to do the transom. I was wondering if I should cut the duck out because I assume the foam is wet. I am not sure though. In looking at pictures I wonder if they had the tanks under the deck or not. The old 19's on here that I looked at do not from what i can tell. My deck does not have a lid for a coffin.


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                  Maybe stick a camera with flash down in the bilge and see if you can see
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                    Judging from the transom, you also would benifit a look at the stringers, maybe an inspection hole forward over a stringer that can be glassed back in. Best place to start is the bilge up against the transom where the stringers tie in. You can replace the transom from the outside and that will show were the stringers tie in if they are rotted on the ends. You will have to cut at least the back portion of the deck to replace that portion of the stringers. And keep going forward from there.

                    I didn't notice any fuel vent on the outside of the hull. It should not be on the console for safety reasons. Wonder if this boat had an under deck tank or if the deck has been replaced and the tank left out and put under the console?

                    I bought my 20 with the idea as a full on re-build. The deck and transom was rotted, so I guessed that the stringers and tank weren't far behind. [B)]

                    Just a tip: If you decide to cut the deck completly off, set your skill saw to leave at least 3" all the way around connected so as to leave something to fair into, or as a large enough tab to lay deck edge on top of.

                    Good Luck!
                    1982 17\' Mitchell gone[br]1985 Mako 21 had 7 years[br]1951 15\' Critchfield first rebuild 1986 with a 35hp tiller gone [br]1992 17 Maverick rebuilt in 2000 still have[br]1973 Mako 20 currently rebuilding[br]South Florida, Don[br][br]


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                      Ok - so this is a 68 or 69 mako. I do not think the tank was ever under the deck. I do not think the early 19's had them under the deck.

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                      Some pics from the bilge hole.


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                        What can others tell from these pictures? Kinda looks like work has been done before.

                        The deck on this thing is solid. I am 230lbs and I had to try to find a spot that flexed/moved at al under my weight.


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                            Looking good man.

                            Post tons of pics and ask more questions than you feel are necessary.. Tons of great minds on here to help and give advise

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                              The under-deck / bilge pics actually look pretty clean. Keep 'em coming!

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