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  • I just got everyone a deal

    On Awlgrip Paint.

    Man, I just got everyone a deal on Awlgrip Paint. I didn't know they sell it. This is a buddy of my babby brother John.

    Mark johnson. Johnson Supply in pensacola,Fl. [850]434-7103

    Here's an example of prices

    Awlgrip jet Black -Brown Marine $44,25qt

    Johbson Supply $30.05qt

    Awlgrip Stark White- Brown Marine $45.92

    Johnson Supply $31.82

    They don't stock any primer, but I asked Mark if he would start stocking 545 primer. He said yes If I get enough call for it.

    I also found out that US Paints was bought out by some company. Can't remember the name he said.

    This was all done, due to the aerospace industry. There is a lot going on behind the seans that you and I don't know about. All we care about is our boat's. Now if I told you I painted my boat with DEFT Paint, you would say what the hell is that.

    Well it's the same thing a Awlgrip, but with a mill spec. It's got the same long name as Awlgrip. The military uses DEFT to paint the Airplanes. The Blue Angles are painted with it.

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    Interlux bought US Paints and now manufactures Awlgrip, but still markets it under the US Paints brand. I was at the Interlux US headquarters n Union, NJ last year and they had the US Paints logo on the side of the building right under theirs. I discussed it with Bob Donat, the president, and he confirmed the acquistion.
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      Hmmmmm! Mark Johnson told me the name of the company, but it wasn't Interlux. I would have remembered that easily. I wonder if there is a parent company that own's both?


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        Actuall it was Akzo-Nobel that bought US Paints. They also own Interlux.

        Here's a little bit from the Awlgrip site.

        It was in direct recognition of Awlgrip®’s widespread professional esteem that Akzo Nobel decided that its expansion into this sector of the global yacht market would be best served by the acquisition of the Saint Louis-based coatings specialists.