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22' hatch cover questions....replacement or repair

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  • 22' hatch cover questions....replacement or repair

    I have a 1973 22B and have been having problems with water in the bilge and battery. I have been reading the posts on the 20' hatch cover replacement and have some questions. I'm having my batteries moved up under my center console. My hatch cover pops off all of the time and the armstrong that is mentioned doesn't look like an actual option. What kind are where can I get a water proof hatch cover or is there something I can do to fix bounces off all the time. Thanks!
    Shaun T Jeffries[br]1988 Mako 17 Standard Pompano Beach, Florida[br]

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    Can you post a pix of the splashwell?


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      When I bought my '73 22 back in '79, I had the same problem with that hatch that covers the the real builge (over where they had the 2 built up pads for the batteries). Would pop off once and a while in rought seas etc. I solved that problem by using 2 Southcos s/s&plastic latches back when they first came out - in fact the company sent me 2 to test as they were not in full production yet - I think that was in the mid '80's. You will need to take your time and cut ou the 2 holes to fit the latches in the hatch cover (one for each side in the middle of the hatch). Next you will need to mount 2 small brackets on the lip of the hatch hole (on the boat body) so that the latches have something to grab on to when the hatch is all the way down closed. I bent up 2 pieces of s/s (one for each side ) into what lookes like an simple angle bracket (about 90 degrees but you will need to figure that out based on where they are mounted and how far the latch will engage it) and then through screwed them onto the inside lip that sticks up and runs around the hatch. Mine have been on there for almost 20 years now and I haven't had it come off once since putting the latches on. They now make an all s/s latch which I would use if I needed to do it now. You can also buy ones with a key lock built into the latch if you want to lock your builge.

      Hope this helps -Mike
      1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]