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Fuel sending unit for Mako 228

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  • Fuel sending unit for Mako 228

    The fuel sending unit on my '86 Mako 228 finally crapped out and I ordered a Teleflex for replacement. I cannot seem to get the Teleflex unit to fit in the tank. With the float facing the rear of the boat it either hits the fill tube extending down into the tank or a baffle. With the float facing the front of the tank it hits the tank wall. Can anyone recommend a replacement that will fit.

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    I believe you want to turn it sideways. It provides a more accurate reading that way. Be sure to adjust the arm for the depth of your tank.
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      If I turn it sideways the bolt pattern does not line up correctly. There is only one position that all of the bolt holes line up correctly. There is an aluminum channel that the float arm attaches to and there is only one way for it to attach. The top flange that contains the bolt studs for the sensor wires can be rotated 180 degrees. One way it hits either a baffle or the fill tube one and the other way it hits the front of the tank. I am beginning to believe there is no way for it to work.