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    I ran across a '01 225 EFI w/ 48 hours that is supposedly in excellent shape for $6500 locally. Sounds like a steal to me. As you recall I just repowered last spring w/ an '02 carbed 150 which currently gives me exceptional fuel economy, nearly 4 mpg at cruise.

    I was wondering what kind of economy you are currently getting from your 225...or more appropriately what you got before you tore the boat apart! [] I'm not nearly as concerned w/ top speed as I am with cruise speed and fuel economy. My 150 currently gives me a cruise of 28 to 30 mph at 4000 to 4200 RPM burning 7.5 gal/hr. Tops is 41 at 5600. What do you think I should expect if I were to move on the 225?




    1985 Grady White 204
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD

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    I was wondering what kind of economy you are currently getting from your 225

    Hehe, my merc is collecting dust on the garage floor while it warranty ticks away very rapidly.
    Really though, it is a great motor. On your hull you will probably be able to swing a 19P or even a 21P prop with no trouble. With a good 19P SS wheel you could expect 51+ mph in your boat at a WOT of about 5700rpm. I'd say you'll cruise at 40-42 mph burning about 12-14gph probably spinning about 4200rpm.

    Here are some results I got with a Mirage Plus 15.25"X19P prop. It was to much prop for my boat, but would probably be perfect on yours. I had a full tank of gas (86 gal) and just me in the boat. Very windy summer day.

    37.5mph @ 3925rpm (15kt tail wind and with small current)

    34.6mph @ 3825rpm (crosswind with current)

    40mph @ 4250rpm ~ 14.5gph - 2.5mpg

    51.9mph @ 5200rpm

    I changed to a Rapture 14.25" X 17P prop and for the notes I'm looking at I had myself, another adult, a child, and full gas and fishing gear. It was a very windy winter day. I didn't take real good notes that day either.

    35mph @ 4200rpm ~ 13.5gph

    50mph @ 5700rpm

    Best I can tell you is that with a decent load I could cruise around 36-37mph at 4400rpm burning about 13-14gph. With a light load I could go 38-39mph at 4400rpm getting the same fuel burn.

    I think your boat will be a bit different and probably alot better. My boat is very heavy... about 4000+ lbs with a full tank of gas.

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance