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Floscan problems

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  • Floscan problems

    I put a floscan on my boat last year and it worked fine until this spring. The needle guage works correctly but the trip log doesn't record properly. sometimes not at all. I turn the power off and re-energize, still the same. I dont think I moved the DIP switches on the back of the unit But... any ideas Thanx Greeno

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    Call Floscan. I have a much older system. One side quit working, and I didn't notice it at first. I did notice that I was apparently using 1/2 the fuel I normally do. I called them for advice. I think they also have a website with FAQ/Troubleshooting.

    They told me how to test it and suggested ways to clean it. In the end, they ended up sending me a new sensor for about $110, which was much cheaper than a whole new system.

    That did the trick.

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