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Re-powering '78 Classic 21

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  • Re-powering '78 Classic 21

    When I purchased the boat in 1983 it had twin '78 Johnson 115's.

    I did alot of blue water out of South Pass, and had over 1350 hours on the motors when I sold them. Repowed in '96 with a 225 Suzuki EFI. I have a great deal on a new in box '02 Honda 225 hp.

    My thought process is that twin '78 Johnsons weigh more than both the Suzuki and the Honda. What's everyones feelings about going with the Honda 225?

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    According to Nada, the Johnsons weigh between 295 and 325 a piece. The Honda between 588 and 610. So, it's almost a dead even comparison.

    However, the Mako probably a little heavier now, and maybe a little weaker in the transom (unless you've already replaced that) so I don't think I'de just jump right into the Honda. Put enough extra weight in the back now to simulate the difference between the Honda and the Zuki and see if you like the way it sits and handles.

    Maybe even have a surveyor come over and analyze your transom for moisture.

    Good luck.
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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      Thanks Brian. I'll take your sugesstion to heart.