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What year tan to white deck change?

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  • What year tan to white deck change?

    I'm looking at an advertised '85 20-footer that has a tan deck and I thought Mako switched to the white interior a few years earlier? Any opinion on the year year of the switch. The owner is also listing it as 20 ft 6 inches, which to my knowledge, was never made.

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    To my knowlege the floors were changed somewhere around 1983 or 1984. The 1985 Mako 20 should have a LOA of 20' 0"

    Sometimes boat sellers don't know the year of their hull really is (they should) and they list the boat as the year model of the motor.
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      I'm trying to insert some pics, but can't get them to copy. Anyhow, the boat looks to have a 12 degree deadrise.


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        I have an 84 238 with a white deck.
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          What year did they change to a white deck? I don't know but it was not too soon[]God was that ugly. My 85 is white
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            I believe 1982 was the last year for brown decks. Some early '83's might have been made with the brown decks though.

            As Ed says, sometimes owners aren't sure what year their hull is. It should be engraved on the data plate on the starboard side of the transom. If there's no data plate -- the number and YOM (Year of Manufacture) was embossed directly on the gelcoat in the same place.
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              My 84 224 has the baby s#it brown.... Friends 86 has white.

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                I might be wrong but our 77 25 had a white deck when we bought it. The white deck might have been an option for a number of years before it was standard.

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                  my 84 17'has white.
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