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Holes and Gelcoat Repair

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  • Holes and Gelcoat Repair

    I have an 84 238. New to me in 2003. I'd like to repair some cosmetic gelcoat chips and fill some screw holes left from a removed antenna and some old electronics. Can anyone tell me the materials I will need and procedure to repair?
    1984 Mako 238, 2000 Yamaha 250[br]Long Island, NY

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    Is Marine Tek the way to go? Can you gel coat over marine tek?
    1984 Mako 238, 2000 Yamaha 250[br]Long Island, NY


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      MarineTex will work, but it wont be pretty.

      I would use gellcoat...your local mako dealer may have it, otherwise minicraft or the other joint will have it.

      What I do:

      Put packing tape around the hole. Cut out the tape around the hole maybe 1/16th of an inch. Wet out the hole with unthickened gellcoat, then fill the hole with gellcoat thickened with cabosil using a plastic putty knife. Remove the tape. This will leave you, hopefully, with only a couple thousands of gellcoat to sand down. It will shrink some, you may have to reapply depending on the size of the hole.

      Then sand with 200, 400 wet, 600 wet, and again with something finer if you want, but shouldnt have to. Then buff it and you're done.
      1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]