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    Where does everyone keep their ditch bags? I don't have one at the moment because I can't decide where to keep it. I store all my safety gear and supplies in the hatches and in an emergency it won't be very handy.

    I want to get a leaning post soon and was thinking of incorporating some kind of ditch bag storage there. Like have a bag sewn up with flotation like the store bought ones, but sized to fit under the seat of the leaning post. Another idea is to somehow use the transom box on my full transom 232 which is otherwise just about useless.

    Keeping a ditch bag on the deck just doesn't seem logical to me, with water, hooks and fish guts flying around I don't think it would last long.

    Anyone have or using any good ideas?
    Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender

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    You need to put it in one of those Pelican Box's.[watertite box]


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      I keep two roll up water proof bags immediately inside the rear console hatch. One bag has the hand held VHF and EPIRB plus extra batteries for the strobe lights while the other bag holds flares, dye, and trailer markers. Hope they never get used.
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