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Where are the 231 owners?

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  • Where are the 231 owners?

    I've been here for a while now, lurk a little, comment from time to time, learn some. Interesting stuff, especially since I recently found that I had to have a transom job done.

    Seems that other than Ed Mansini and I there is a definite lack of comments and discussion about the best hull Mako ever built, the 231. I've got an 225 Merc powered '89, which I have had since it was new and is pretty personalized, if not downright modified by now. I believe Ed's is a '90. Are there any other 231 or 261 (it's big brother) owners out there lurking the site?
    [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]

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    Mine is a '73 231. It used to be. HeHe[]


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      Yeah Gary, and just across the bay from you

      Do you ever make it to the NEMOC meetings? Your name is in the book, but....
      1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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        I don't get to NEMOC meetings very often, especially the last few years. I was one of the original "charter" members and helped Doug and Capt Vic start the whole shooting match a long time ago. But then I got involved in the Jersey Coast Anglers Assoc. as the NEMOC club rep and got tied up in fisheries issues. From there I spent nine years on the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council as the Governor's Appointee and in the last few years I have worked for the Recreational Fishing Alliance and Salt Water Sportsman, which really keep me busy. When I do have some time I try and get on my boat and go fishing. We should get together sometime and trade notes on Mako's. Mine is just coming out of the fiberglass shop this week and getting a new engine before being spashed. I keep her at Crystal Point Yacht Club. Drop me an email sometime.

        Hey Warthog.

        I was under the impression that 231's didn't go into production until '88. Around the same time as the 261. It featured a deep vee hull *21 degrees at the transom, a 160 gallon fuel cell, the big console from the 261. In its day it was pretty aggressive for the 23 footer and she still runs well compared to most of what's out there today. With a single 225 Optimax it will cruise all day in the mid 30's and tops out just under 45. Not a rocketship, but I don't need to go much faster than that. I've had mine a lot further offshore than I should have, but she's been a real champ. Good sea boat. Very versatile.
        [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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          It's not mine, but here is my buddys 261. Those twins on the back will set your hair on fire...

          Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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            Hey Gary-

            Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the Mako 231 have 19 degrees of deadrise at the transom and not 21? Also, I thought the Mako 241 was more similar to the 261, just 2 feet smaller ( I heard Mako boxed the mold of the 261 and used it to make the 241).

            Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is that we recently had a 261 in the yard where I work part-time and it didnt look much like my 231.....much taller and wider.

            Maybe I am wrong???



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              Your correct Ed. The 241 is the lil brother of the 261. A friend of mine bought a 231 and this hull is 8' wide and has less deadrise. A good looking boat but not much storage. He had to sell the boat because of the fuel tank was or had been leaking for awhile when he bought it. First trip out nearly 3/4 of the bottom delaminated from being saturated with oil and gas for how ever long. Had the boat for 1 month. He was upset....

              SOLD...[br]Rigged Out[br]\'93 241 Mako[br]Twin 200hp YAMAHA\'S[br]As of now...[br]2005 Triton 240LTS[br]225hp Honda[br]Ocean Springs, MS


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                I realize the 231 and the 261 are different in beam and deadrise. The only reason I consider them related are they were Mako's foray into real deep vee designs. The 241 came along a few years later when they cut down a 261, but they never made a lot of them. The cost difference between the two was such that if you were going to spend the sheckles you might as well have gone a couple thousand more and bought the bigger boat.

                I was under the impression that the 231 was a 21 degree deadrise at the transom, but I can't ever remember actually seeing it in a catalog or anything. While you might consider it light on storage, for a 23 footer she has adequate places to stow a lot of stuff. The big console, even with two batteries in it, fits a pile of stuff if you compartmentalize it. I did that with nothing more high tech than a few plastic milk crates.

                I get mine back from the glass shop this Wednesday and then it's up to me to put everything back together. I figure two or three days of heavy lifting and she'll be ready for the new ponies and then its fishing. The striped bass action has been off the laugh meter its been so good up around the mouth of the Hudson and the two major bays in North Jersey. I've been relegated to fishing on other peoples boats while mine has been getting a new tail end.
                [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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                  My 231 is a 1986. 19 degrees and 160 gal tank. It's not the "Best" of anything, but it is pretty darn good in most areas. Nice electronics help too. Easy boat to fish 30-60 miles offshore here as well as trout/snook/ reds and tarpon in the bay. Performance is about what was stated, with a 1994 225, I cruise easily at 30 and wot is 45.

                  Not bad on gas. Total of 376 hours since new. Was stored in a hanger for many years. A very nice example of this model. Only problem with this boat is it's owner, who hasen't had it off the damn trailer since August.......... If it doesnt get hours on it this summer, it goes. Jim
                  Jim in Sarasota


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                    New member checking in from Cape Cod. I've got an '88 231 with a

                    T-Top. Just re-powered with a 1999 Yamaha 250 EFI.

                    Its been a great boat, but one issue I'm trying to solve is

                    poor draining out of the scupper valves in the stern. I might try

                    to install two scuppers in the transom but am not crazy about

                    cutting holes in the transom. Anyone else have the same poor drain

                    Cataumet, MA[br]1988 Mako 231


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                      I installed scuppers in the transom of my 86' 231 with good results. If you want info, there may still be pictures up under "projects" or email me. Jim
                      Jim in Sarasota


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                        Ditto the walking in water in the stern deal. I just did a transom job on my 231 and while I was at it installed a pair of new suppers just to the inside of the deck drains. They are new jobs from Marine East. 2" circular with articulated rubber flappers. Boat hasn't been splash yet, but I watch the way they work just washing the decks down and they are gonna do a nice job.

                        Old Capt.

                        I agree. The 231 might not be best in any category, but for a 23'footer its about the best all round fishing boat out there. I've fished mine from the back bays in Jersey to the Hudson Canyon 80 miles off. It's had everything in the fish box from fluke and stripers (lots and lots of stripers and big ones, too) to mako sharks, bluefin, yellowfin and dolphin. Oops, I better correct that. The makos, bluefin and most of the yellowfin didn't fit in the fish box. I carry a soft fish bag with ice for those bad boys. I designed a custom console arch a bunch of years ago and had a local tower welder make it for me. It has a removable set of 18' Lee stiff outriggers and a 12'center rigger. It trolls like a champ. The arch doesn't have a t-top so there's nothing in the way for fly fishing or casting plugs or eels to jetties. She sits at anchor like a champ when I go wreck fishing, even in relatively big seas. It's just an all round great boat and she's been mine for 15 years of fish catching fun.
                        [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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                          Hey C-Fish ... can you get me contact info for Marine East, I'd like to take a look at their 2" round scuppers.
                          Cataumet, MA[br]1988 Mako 231


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                            Marine East.


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                              The ones I just installed are brand new and not currently on their website or the their catalog. They will be in the new catalog that is under development. I don't even have a part number for them.

                              They are 2" telescopic so they can be cut to fit any transom thickness and feature a new style rubber flapper inside the tube that is molded in an articulated manner so it opens with almost no pressure at all and pots back with any back pressure from the outside. The boat is going to be splash next week so I will let you know how they work.
                              [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]