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wiring question for 1972__17' angler

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  • wiring question for 1972__17' angler

    I am restoring a 1972 angler ed. . There is no wire for the bow light but there is a plastic tube which I assume is where the wires run through. I tried running some wire through but it eems to be blocked. I am wondering where that tube leads because there is a tube that comes out under the starboard fish box by the transom but there is also a tube under the small teak plate on the inside gunnel on the starboard side. Are they all connected? Thanks for any help.

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    Anybody know???


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      There should be an access panel on the gunnel next to the console. The tube is accessible from there, and yes it does go up to the anchor locker area, at least it did on my '78
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        Johns right,

        When I did my angler I found the tube to be pluged with junk. I had to take an air hose and a fish tape to open it. I cant wait to see the pics of your boat!


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          Thanks for the replies. Is the end of the tube that comes out under that starboard fish box also connected to it( not the fish box drain tube the one that looks like the one in that access hatch on the starboard gunnel). Thanks again and I will try to post some pics. Progress has been slow baby girl born last month.