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  • opinion on 95 mako 17

    i looked at a 1995 mako 17 with a '95 yamaha. it was only used in fresh water, and looked like it. the engine looked brand new. it had a vhf, cd player, 2 batteries, raw water washdown, depthfinder, and a bait well in the front of the console. they are asking 11400 and it comes with a trailer. any help in this decision would be greatly appreciated.


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    You didn't mention what HP engine (115 preferrably) is on the boat. If the 'package' is as clean as you say it is - 11K would be in my ballpark.

    Here's my rational - I just purchased a 1990 '17-1 Special'for $4300.

    The tailer is an 86' rust heap and the 1990 115 HP Yamaha with 1200 plus hours has some piston slap. However, even though the hull has a few minor cosmetic issues I'm would buy it again in a heart beat. I didn't consider the engine or trailer when I bought the boat. I wanted the hull. I've had many, many boats over my time - and I truely believe this is the best built hull (boat) I've owned to date. I plan on adding a new 'float-on' trailer and a 115HP Yamaha four stroke to complete my 'package'. I'll still be up around 15K when I'm done - but I'll have what I want. I've been through the days of raising kids: Fishing, Diving, Skiing, Party Cruising - (20' Wellcraft ((do I dare mention this model?)) 200HP Yamaha). Don't get me wrong I still love my kids but no it's time for me and the 'little woman' to take 'quite' little river runs from behind our house. I may or may not wet a line. Anyway who care?

    Here's what I would like to know - I want to know the 'specs' of my boat. The web page shows the Model year 1990 as being 17 feet. I would to know what the 'specs' are for my boat. The guy I bought the boat from gave me a owner's manual. The manual calls it a 17-1 Special. I see this owner's manual on the web page on the 'links' however, I don't see this model listed on Mako's 'specs' link, how come? My HIN is #MRKA0763F990 - what size boat do I have?

    Thanks for listening...

    Anyway - who care?u

    This will be done after I re-work the hull to my likeing.
    Steve 171 Mako[br]Jupiter, FL.


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      thanks for the feedback, it a 130 hp yama


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        Sounds like a fare deal for $11K. 130HP Yamaha is good motor - V4s' are good running outboards. However, I would definately do a compression check on the engine before buying the boat.
        Steve 171 Mako[br]Jupiter, FL.


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          How did you make out? Did you buy the boat?
          Steve 171 Mako[br]Jupiter, FL.


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            Just got back on the forum after a while. I have a '94 171. I like it a lot. What are you going to be using it for? $11,400 sounds a bit high to me. Look at to get an idea of comparable prices.


            You might want to look at a suzuki 140 4 stroke for your 171. it weighs 6 pounds more than the yamaha 115 4 stroke. I've got a 140 suzi on mine and it works just fine.
            Corpuscruiser[br]Northern AL[br]\'94 171


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              Tim, I own a '97 171 with a yamaha 90 two stroke engine. Have a buddy that knows boats take a good look and definitely have a compression check done. Boats of that vintage around me are selling for $8000to $9000. I selected mine based on hull condition, price, reputation, compression check, removable tongue on the trailer and the fact that it fits so well in my garage. Everyone's criteria is different. Good luck with you decision.
              Mako 171 Dunedin Fla.