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  • Minicraft Gel Coat Color

    I have an '86 224 and ordered some gelcoat from Minicraft to match original. The gelcoat that they sent has a very pronounced bluish-grayish tint to it and comes no where near matching the original gelcoat. It does not even come close to matching the gelcoat in the interior of the cuddy that has never seen any sunlight. I have heard others claiming how close the Minicraft gelcoat matches. Does this sound right or did I end up with a bad batch?

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    hmmm nice to know... I was thinking between minicraft and Spectrum. I have hull #0001. That hull production date is 12/93, transom plate states it is 1994 and it is 1995 model. I wonder what color should i choose?

    I'll try 1994 from spectrum. I will post result here l8r.
    \'94 Mako 263WA twin \'95 Mercs 200EFI [br]Brooklyn, NY


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      I've had nothing but excellent batches of gelcoat from MiniCraft. The batch I got from Spectrum was very gray in color. Not even close as you say about the Minicraft gelcoat.

      The Minicraft gelcoat that I use is: GLD766WT200

      I am thinking about getting a custom color made for the major refinishing work in my boat when that time comes.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        Sorry, I had a type in the original post. I have an '86 228 cuddy. That is how I compared the gelcoat color to an area of the boat that has never seen sunlight.


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          I have had pretty good luck with mini craft on dark colors. The best way to do you gelcote is to mix it your self. Buy a qt. of unwaxed gelcote, wax, styrene and a small bottle of umber tint. Mix 10% wax then add a very small amount of tint. Gelcote fades so quickly that its hard for any manufacter to get it on the money. Remember that the tint is very strong so use it very lightly. Good luck!