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    I am in the process of rewireing and moving my batteries into the console. I wouldlike to replace my old panels with somthing new. I like the look of Eddie Rings matte black panels on the project page. I wanted to do somthing similar, there is 3 surfaces, 2 for switches and guages and the center with a glove box. What I would like to end up with all three surfaces re-faced with the same material. Here is the plan, make a template for the ext. grade engtaving stock(116"). The trophy shop, Awards Unlimited Gulfport, MS will cut holes and engrave the letters for the 2 switch and guage panels. For the glove box I will give them a template for the surface and one for the door peice, with a big Mako Marine emblem on it. While the shop is dointg their thing I will be re surfacing the three panels with 1/4" black plexiglass or lexan. once I get the panels back from the shop I will use them to cut the holes in the lexan,some may need to be larger? I would like to avoid having to screw the engraving stock to the lexan or plexiglass, can i laminate it? what should I use? does any one have any suggestions, am I crazy? any advice will be appreciated... thanks
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    Be careful with the materials you use around the salt as it will take anything but plastic type stuff or SS apart in one season. I don't like the idea of using any type of metal for a pannel (switch or gadges) as the metal could cause a short circuit between 2 different circuits that are on the same pannel. Also, moving the batteries away from the engine that far requires some real heavy cables so there is no current drop (losses) in the wires when the motor is started. Make sure you get the wire sized properly, otherwies you could end up with fire. And the custom pannel - try using teak or starboard (which works like wood).

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