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    I'm looking at a new Merc 200 EFI for my 1990 211.

    $13K and change all inclusive, prop, controls, gauges, labor etc.

    Can't find for the life of me a web site that reviews outboards.

    I'd like to see prices, reliability reports etc by brand.

    Anyone have a site they like?
    1991 Mako 211[br]

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    I have a carbed '02 Merc. 150. It's the same 2.5 liter block as an EFI 200. I think to get the extra 50 ponies, I think Merc. porgrams a different fuel curve in to the ECU, "massages" the block ports and bumps up the compression.

    My motor has been absolutely flawless since day 1. I've got around 115 hours on it now. The EFI has proven to be exceptionally reliable also.

    In any event, $13K sounds like too much. You should be able to pick up the engine alone for around $9K, controls, gauges and prop should set you back another $1500 max (depending on your choice of props) and installing it isn't rocket science and should be less than $1K.

    Good luck. That motor will be a nice match for your boat. []
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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      Way too much $$.


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        I dunno... All the dealers I talk to say that the dealer cost on a 200 EFI is $11,050.

        The 200 Carb version dealer cost is $9,800.

        2004 model year.

        1991 Mako 211[br]


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          Ed's Boat Store is selling the Merc 200 EFI 25" for$9,999, so I am sure they would not be selling at a loss. I would think 12K installed would be fair.


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            If you can swing it get the Optimax. I went from a 225 EFI to a 225 Optimax and at the end of the first season with the Opti I did a log comparison of fuel consumption. I put about 300 hours on the EFI and the Opti and the Opti burned, are you ready for this, just under 40% less fuel and the EfI. Now that ain't insignificant by any means!! Then ad in that the Opti was stronger out of the hole, ran about three miles an hour faster at top end and pushed my 231 CC at 34 MPH at 4300 RPM and you've got a much better engine. You might also note that 2004 is the last year for the EFI. From what I have heard 2005 will see only Verado 4-strokes and Optimax engines from Merc.

            By the way the Optimax has been dead nuts reliable. No problems whatsoever.
            [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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              That's great news on the economy of the Optimax! 40% with fuel costs going up like they are can't be beat.

              As for Ed's Superstore, I spoke with sales; the 200 Carb is a 2003 model year which probably accounts for the $1,000 difference in price against a new 2004.

              Only draw back to the deal is that for the Merc line I'm told they can't ship it. Other lines no problem. From Cambridge, MA (my fair city) that is a bit too much of a haul!

              Interestingly, in spite of already having purchased the 200 Merc I found that for not much more money than the 200 EFI by Merc I could have gotten a 200 4-stroke Suzuki. Hmmm
              1991 Mako 211[br]


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                That's too bad you already made the purchase. Being as close to Canada as you are, you could have saved a bunch of $ by buying in Canada. A friend bought a 200EFI in British Columbia about 3 years ago and saved about $3500 over USA prices. Probably would not be that much now , but, still substancial.

                Interesting to read that Merc is going to do away w/Carbs & EFI. Anything other than rumors at this point? I am running an 89 200 Merc and will do so until it blows, so I am always following engine poststo keep informed when I need a repower.

                I have a 2 Suzuki dealers within 25 miles radius.


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                  I have also heard from a local charter captain that the Optimax was the way to go. His comments also support that appx 40% gas savings over the trip or season. He also had no trouble with his orginal factory test motor that Merc set up on his charter boat in, I think 2000. He now presently has a production Optimax on the boat and I have not heard of any problems with it.
                  1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]