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1979 Mako 20 Pics - Hard T Top

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  • 1979 Mako 20 Pics - Hard T Top

    This link should get to pics of my 20 foot - show the T Top and Canvas. Top was made by Suntop.

    Not sure how to make a direct link - but if you cut and paste it should work.

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    Holy Crap - it actually worked - just click on the link and you should get there. []


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      Always nice to see pics of everyones boats.

      Just a tip for ya, when using PhotoBucket, use the IMG line of text code associated with each respective picture. This will display the pic in the directly in the post. You can also easily re-size the pics in the edit page of each pic with just a simple click of the mouse.

      As always, keep the pics coming.
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        Great looking top! Is it mounted via those two poles on top of the console? Are they thru bolted on the console or do they extend through to the floor? To the rear poles act as support or just stablize? I'm actually starting to think about putting one on my 20 so I'm real interest how yours is set up.
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          The poles go all the way down to the floor - and have lateral support to the console about mid way up inside. The rear poles are primarily to hold it stable - but I wouldn't want to run without them. I also noticed it moving around more when I have the canvas off - but never enough to really be any concern.