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  • '89 201 Thoughts

    While its probably not considered a "classic", what's the opinion on this hull regarding build quality, draft, etc? Is there wood in the transom?

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    The 89 201 is an awesome boat...assuming it was taken care of. I would have much preferred a 89 - 91 201 but couldn't find one at the time. Give some more details of the boat you are looking at we can answer some questions. There is wood in the transom so you have to check the integrity, but you will need to do that with just about any used boat.

    It is defintely considered a classic due to it's design. In the mid 90's they changed the design which is not considered classic.
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      I used to own a 1991 Mako 201 which I'm sure is almost identical to the 1989 model. Mine was very well built, and even had the deluxe console with the safety glass windshield. My version of the 201 had 19 degrees of deadrise at the transom, but the bow had a modified vee so you got sprayed alot if the wind picked up.

      Good boat if you plan on fishing near shore.

      Send me a private email and I will tell you how much I paid in 2000 and how much I sold it for in 2002.

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