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    Is Mako still using wood in the transom core and if not what year did they switch and to what?

    Its a concern to buy an older model, then put $2-3k into a bad transom. Open to suggestions. Other boat makes I'm considering are Aquasport and Seacraft.

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    I think that they have always and still do use wood for the transom
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      Yup....Mako still uses wood in transoms, stringers and some floors. Not a bad thing if boat is sealed up properly.

      Stay away from the Aquasport...there hulls are paper thin and are commonly referred to in my area as AQUAJUNK.

      Seacraft is a hell of good boat. But because they are in such high demand, you will most likely overpay for a used model.



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        I don't know where you are located, but on the west coast of FL those old 70's aquasports are in great demand. They are great bay boats, and I know of lots of people who have gutted and rebuilt them. They say that the Dorados and Gausebuilts are based on that hull. I think my 23' Mako rides a hell of alot better, goes as shallow and has more room, but those are great boats, I grew up fishing on friends'.

        Mancini must be talking about the newer ones.
        1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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          Don't write off Aquasports new or old. The older ones make great candidates for a custom restoration and I go out on a late model regularly. I don't know about paper thin; the boat I go out on has a very solid ride and is well designed, especially compared to many other boats. Some "on the water time" in the model you are interested in will be time well spent. Having said all that, I am still partial to ( in the south that means I really like ) older Makos!
[br]Smithfield, N.C.


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            I live in Dunedin (just north of Clearwater for the non-locals). I have spent good deal of time on a mid-70s 22 ft Aquasport and thats still a fine boat. It is a bit of a rough ride in 3 ft seas, but the hull is in good shape. Basically, I'm using that boat as my standard. The owner said stay away from the newer models, too.