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1999 Mako 192

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  • 1999 Mako 192

    Anyone out there own a Mako 192?

    I'm interested if you have had any problems with the quality of this boat.

    I have owned one since 1999 and its is headed back to the factory for the second time.



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    i have one that i have owned since 95. i have had more cosmetic problems with the boat than i think appropriate but nothing that i have not been able to fix myself. mostly airpockets in gelcoat.

    i am retired and use my boat a lot so it gets a lot of wear and tear.

    w/ the problems i have had i would still buy it all over again.....a hell of a boat for the size.


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      I have a mako 192 2001 with T-Top and all the whistles and bells. It has been a great boat! Lately I have heard a creaking sound comming from the floor area in front left of the console. What I fear is the seperation of the deck from the stringers in front of the console. It is a slight void that can be felt as you walk. Maybe 2 sq. feet. How serious a problen is it ? Has anyone had any experience getting the factory to stand behind the 12 year hull warranty and make a proper repair ? Any advice or experience would be appreciated. I paid a lot of $$ for this boat and did not expect this given Mako's reputation for quality.