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  • Motor Bracket?

    What is the best material for a transom mounted bracket? Aluminum or Fiberglass? and Why?
    Houston, TX[br]1975 Mako 23

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    Well there are about a 5 to 1 company's making alum brackets. This comes back to easier to build. If you look at the prices that these alum brackets demand, you would think diffrent. There is about $500 in materials for a twin engine full platform bracket.

    Here's a good read on brackets.


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      Each company has states the pro's and con's of their competators brackets. The aluminum guys state that fiberglass brackets are heavy. The fiberglass guys say that aluminum or ss cracks and corrodes. So you will have to decide for yourself which to get. Fiberglass brackets cost more because of the amount of labor that is involved in making one. I have an ss bracket on my other boat and it is powder coated. It is 7 years old and still looks great after fishing in salt and fresh water. I chose to make a fiberglass bracket for my SeaCraft because I dont know how to weld and like toying with epoxy[]

      Oakley, California