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  • Bedding Compound Question

    I'm replacing the circular deck access hatches in the splash well of my 231 and wonder if anyone might suggest the best thing to bed them with. 5200 takes a long time to try and regular silicone might not hold up. What do the experts think?
    [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]

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    5200has a fast set too, it comes in a red/white tube. 4200 would be my choice. It comes in a green/white tube and sets pretty quick. Silicone sucks.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Hey Cfish-

      Have any pics of your 231? I have a 231 as are on this site.

      Do you by chance happen to know what the dimensions are of the teak trim that is on the aft fishboxes and the forward seats? My teak was missing and I want to replace it with starboard or something similar.

      I used 5200 when I replaced my deck hatches last year.



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        This is Gary and I am getting my boat back from the fiberglass shop in about ten days. When I have it here in the driveway I will measure anything you want and take some low-res digital photos for posting. Everything I have right now is in slides and not very current.

        Did you ever get down to the place in Florida with the Mako parts?
        [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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          I don't know why, but Beckson recommends using only Silicone on their ABS deckplates. I used West Marine white silicone on mine and they don't leak at all.
          Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD