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    I was wondering what you would recommend for a vacuum bagger and if you would recommend using with vinylester?
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    vinylester would be no problem, if you can get about a 45min pot life.

    Any less and you may have problems.

    As to the type of pump. It depends on what you want to do and how much you want to do it. It is expensive. There is alot of waste associated with it.


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      I guess the advice i am looking for is do you think it is needed/worth it(vacuum baggin) when replacing my decking? I know it can be done both ways but was wondering what your recommendations would be? What are the advantages smoother finish, stronger laminate etc? I found that Jamestown distributors has a vacuum kit for 170.00 that will do upto 13ft2 not sure if thats enough? or if it is good quality?

      Since my plans are to regelcoat this area i have elected to use vinylester since it is compatible with the gelcoat. Do you have any experience with vinylester and is it possible to extend the pot life to 40 min? or is this a stretch. Since i am in the ne the temps are still on the low side this early in the season.

      I will take some pictures tonite and try to post, if i get out of my day job early enough i want to cut more skin off.

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        Well first I have no experiance with Vinalester.

        As to vacuumbagging it. You going to get a much better bond with the core. This is very important. No future delamination.

        Pulling 21in of vacuum is hard to beat. It works out to around 2000lbs of force per sq ft.

        You can't just stick a bulldozer on top of the boat to try and get that same kind of compression.

        You mentioned the kit from Jamestown dist. and it say's 13sqft. That would be fine going down the washboards, but not on the bow deck.

        I did my washboards in sections, about 4ft long. I laid my glass up a little overkill.

        1 layer of 1808 45/45, next layer was some 1808 roven woven, next layer was 1808 45/45. Each layer had a 6in stagger in it. This was so that the galss from the next 4ft section was not overlaped on the previous.

        I'm sure that didn't make sence. I'll try again.We are working from the back towards the front in this example.

        The core is 4ft long. The 1st layer of glass is 4ft long but is 6in back from one end of the core. That would mean that it didn't cover the first 6in of core, but bridged 6in past the other end.

        The next layer starts 12in back from the end of the core and goes 12in past the other end. The next layer is 18in back from the front edge of the core and goes 18in past the core.

        Now we are going to cover the next 4ft of core and repeat the glass layup in the same way. What this does is bridge the core pieces butted together and staggers the glass butt's by 6in on each layer.

        this does several things. It makes it easy to handle the glass and gives the max strength without overlaping the same layer of glass on top of the same layer on the previous layup. You would get a bump in the glass if layer 1 on the first piece of core was overlapped by the 1st layer on the 2nd piece of core. This would be a mess to fair out and so each layer is butted to the same layer from the next piece of core with a 6in overlap between layers.

        Does that make sence. It was hard to describe.[]


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          Bobby I still have the drawing you sent me on how you did it. I can send I'll send it to him. It took me a while to get it too.
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            got it, got the email and the concept the drawing definitely helped. What would you recommend for a vacuum bagger if the jamestown model isn't big enough. can you make a home made jobby?
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              Bob Perkins over on the woodenBoat forum built a neat one.


              I can tell you that the layer of glass under the core. The one that you will leave, is full of small holes that leak vacuum. Your going to need to seal them up with Duct tape.