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Mako 17 1988

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  • Mako 17 1988

    Just got it with a 2002 115 Evinrude, its my second Mako. The first was 1972 17 which my son still uses.

    Interestingly I found the water around the gas tank just like I found on the older Mako. I guess some things never change.

    The deck was cut allowing access to the foam so I used a shop vac to suck the water out and then I drilled a couple holes along side the tank to prevent the future collection. They cut the deck to install the oil resviour for the motor. I also found the foam under the rod holders all wet and I installed temporary caps to keep the water out.

    I am looking for any advise or tips on this wet foam situation.

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    There are rubber caps that go on the bottom of the rod holders that have a fitting in them to plumb the water to the bildge or a fitting thru the inside of the boat to dump the water onto the deck.


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      I just finished reading every topic in the forums related to moisture around the gas tank.

      Is the a reason why you would not want to put a drain in this compartment so that it does not collect water.