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Some advice on Top end of mako 221-b

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  • Some advice on Top end of mako 221-b

    hey everyone,

    I'd like to start off saying I love the sight and my Mako!

    I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what the cruising speed and top end speed should be (a range) with my 93 Mako 221-b outfitted with 2000 225 Yamaha ox-66? Currently, at WOT and SMOOTH seas I'm at 55-5700 RPMs and 35 nautical mph. (that's given I have approx 75 gallons of gas--no ice--and 2-3 persons on board.) She's cruising at 24 nautical mph (gps) and 4700 rpms... I feel that my cruising speed per RPM is a little low.

    Even if you don't have your Mako outfitted with a Yamaha--what are you're #'s???


    93 Mako 221-b

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    I have '95 232 with a 225 Johnson. I have my gps set on mph instead of knots and I don't know the math to convert. I am getting 40mph at wot and cruise 30 mph at 4200 rpm. These figures are in calm water as well, similar load.
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      88 21B, '92 225 Johnson. 14 3/4 x 21 OMC SST prop, two big guys, 40 gallons fuel.

      4000 RPM, 30 MPH, 12.5 GPH

      4700 RPM, 35 MPH, 14 GPH

      6100 RPM, 48.5 MPH, sucking gas.


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        84' 224 w/ 2000 Yamaha 225

        @ 4500 rpms in the low 30 mph

        @ 5300 rpms @ 40 mph

        that's gps readings

        1) don't trust your yamaha gauges

        2) you may have an issue with the prop, having the right diameter and pitch will make your engine run more effeciently

        If your goal is high top end then you need a lower pitch, but you sacrifice hole shot and burn more gas in the low speeds or with heavier loads.
        84\' 224[br]houston, tx


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          Don't have a clue what the RPM range for a Yammie is, but ya want it running in that range at WOT. Every one inch prop gives ya @ 200 RPM. If ya need more revs, go down in pitch, less revs go up.


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            I have a 1998 221 with 200 carb merc 200 hp with 17 pitch 14 1/2 prop. WOT at 5500 is 34 knots and 4500 is 29 knots.


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              thanks yall,

              sounds like i'm in the ballpark with the figures from the boat. The top end is 40mph at WOT, and Cruise is approx 30mph at 4500rpms given calm seas and trimmed just right!..

              love my Mako!

              93 Mako 221-b


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                i have a 21 foot mako 1193 225 yahamaha and i get around 49 mph at 5500


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                  Use the searh engine and you will find a spread sheet that lists different models and engines with performance numbers.

                  This helps all of us on this great site.

                  Also please put your location in your profile you never know when someone is youe neighbor.
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