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1985 Mako 254 Fuel Comsumption

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  • 1985 Mako 254 Fuel Comsumption

    i have a 1985 254 mako with twin 200 excel yamaha's and was wondering if any of you have this boat/setup and know about how much fuel usage this boat uses per gallon fully loaded with fishing gear and fuel. if holds 151 gallons, 4 person crew, ice, rods, and other stuff, thanks jason
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    I don't have one, but a Navman 3100 fuel moniter and 2nd transducer would be in order to get the best fuel milage.


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      New member reelwicked I have a Mako254 1984 with a 250 Yamaha and I get get about 3 miles per gallon crusing at 3750 25 to 28 mph I know it not twins over that rpm it drinks


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        About 1.5 mpg at cruise with twin 150 carbed yammies. Can get 1.8-2 in ideal conditions with a moderate load.
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          Figure with 200s, at least with my '90 Yams, you're burning 20gph @ 4000 RPM. While off plane, you get under 1mpg, it gets better as you increase speed, 3800-4000 is about most economical on my rig, I'm getting 1.5 nmpg at 4000
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