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Hermes bracket on 25 Mako

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  • Hermes bracket on 25 Mako

    I have a 1976 25 Mako and was wondering if anybody had put one of these Hermes bracket on a 25 and if performance was better. The old 25 like mine was strange in the fact that it has a massive livewell in the back that basically makes keeps water out in rough seas so the reason I am interested in the bracket is for performance.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you talking about the hermco bracket?

    They look pretty darned good, but they are expensive. He makes a system for closing inthe transom that is pretty simple to use as well. But, just my opinion... I'd rather close the transom in properly adn put a lighter/less expensive aluminum bracket on there. But then you have to deal with the aluminum too... Corrosion, paint chipping etc.

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      What do you think it would cost in materials to close one in and install a bracket? I would also like to get rid of my massive livewell and I can only do that by closing in the transom as I do not like how low these boats sit in the water. By the way I have the original owners manual for a 76 25 and will try to make copys and send to you, it is actually pretty basic stuff in it, I also have a copy of a article in sportfishing mag in 76 on a test of the 25.



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        I would appreciatecopies of both very much. let me know if you want a few bucks for you trouble and postage. [email protected]

        Those old mako 25's are screaming "put a bracket on me!" It depends if your transom in its current state is good or bad. If its good you'll use alot less in materials and time.

        Good transom - just fill in the notch, finish, and add bracket. Probably about $2700

        Bad transom - complete rebuild (like I'm doing), finish, and add bracket. Probably about $3800

        If your cutting out that slash well and what not, you'll have to rebuild innerliner sides which isn't hard or expensive for that matter. You'll brobably take 100 lbs out of the boat or so which will help make up for the weight of the bracket.

        You can count on a bracket costing inthe neighborhood of $1500-2000.

        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance