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Replacing Cockpit Lights 1993 Mako?

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  • Replacing Cockpit Lights 1993 Mako?

    The internals of the cockpit lights mounted in the stern of my 261 are beyond repair and the lenses are gone. Any thoughts on replacing the lights completely or repairing them?

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    Hey there-

    Sooner or later we will all have to replace ours.

    Two thoughts for you...

    On the newer Mako's, they use PERKO courteous lights. Not sure if they are the same exact size but they look pretty close.

    Second option is to use one of the new HELLA LED Marine courteous lights. They look nothing like the originals (except that they are round in shape) but require a tenth of the wattage of the originals. PLus, you can get them with a RED tinted light so that they dont cause night blindness. The only thing is that you may have to do some glassing to get them to fit.