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I ordered a Compass today

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  • I ordered a Compass today

    I found what I wanted and serched the internet for the best price.

    I ordered from

    The order taker Ed sayed he didn't know anything about compass's.

    My throughts were " What the hell are you doing there then"?

    I ordered the RITCHIE FN-203 COMPASS. It is available in a PowerDamp Flat Card or CombiDamp Dials.

    I had done my reserch and The CombiDamp is what I wanted. The heading is closest to you as apposed to PowerDamp Flat which is at the far side of the dial.

    Ed made a call and called me back and said it would be the same as in the pix on their website.

    I hope he's right? The shipping was $11.63 UPS Ground. I feel like they are making money on the shipping. Ed said do you want to make the order or go somewhere else? I made the order.

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    Even shipping ground, $11.63 is about the standard if it weighs a few pounds. I have to order parts about the size of that compass daily, and I can tell you, that's about what all are charging (unless you find someone with a special on shipping).

    Nice looking compass though...

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      Just happen to have a UPS rate card here in front of me....shipping a 5# box is $5.30 - 7.00 depending on zone. This is for shipping to a place of business, so probably a few cents cheaper than to a home. But anyone doing volume shipping gets a substantial discount, so yes, they do make money, probably costing them half of what they are charging you.
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        You will be happy with the Ritchie (Pembroke, MA) Powerdamp....that is what I have on my 231. Granted it is a bit older, but it works well.

        Also, Danforth (Gloucester, MA...division of ITT/Rule Industries) makes some mighty nice compasses too....although I think they are more money.

        Geez......leave to those New England blue-blooded yankees to make the best navigation equipment!!


        Boston, MA