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  • stringer repair

    What are the thoughts of using chop and stranded glass mixed with resin poured into a mold from the stringer end to the transom and scarfed on the stringer side and flush on the transom then remove the mold and mat over it The wood used for the mold could be dipped in hot wax to keep from sticking to the glass mix and the mix should adhere to the transom and the wood stringer in my case the stringer repair is 1 inch wide and 6 inches long seacast shows they use their mix for stringer repair but theirs is heavy and costly
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    Your method would be exteremely heavy too. Go to the project forum and look at the thread on Compsys preforems. I think that this may be the way to go. I just have to figure out how to translate the old ones to this new system.
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