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Can I come in ????

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  • Can I come in ????

    If Ed M. and Brian can hang out over on the CSC site can I come hang out with you guys too??? LOL- Oh yea- my old Mako is up on this board and is still talked about warmly in these parts !!! Your site has changed immensly (for the better!!) since the last time I dropped in. Anyways I have been lurking a little bit and will try to continue but those that know me know I can only keep my jaws shut for so long. [8D]

    Craig Miles
    Craig- 78-23\' Seacraft Inboard

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    Sure, welcome. We've been growing slowly. As I learn more about making webpages and guys are sending me great pics of projects... We are able to really teach each other some good stuff.

    I go over to CSC about once a week, but I never really see anything new there. I think Jason lost interest in displaying the project boats... including his own.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Hi Craig

      I love this website as it's full of guys in the middle of projects. I think there are a lot old Mako's out there. Here in California I see Makos all the time however try and find a SeaCraft and you will be hard pressed. Glad to see Ya []

      Oakley, California


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        Mako, SeaCraft, Grady....we can all get a long just fine. It's those Parker guys we gotta keep an eye on! [][][]

        Welcome Craig. []
        Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD