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Need windshield; 1977, 19 footer

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  • Need windshield; 1977, 19 footer

    Nice to see this forum!!! Can anyone tell me where to find a new windshield (replacement) for a 1977 Mako 19? I had a head-on with a pelican! We (and the bird) survived, but the windshield is a goner. The boat is in Charleston, SC, but I'll order from anywhere.

    Thanks, Craig

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    Hey Craig-

    Does you 1979 model have the plastic windshield with a aluminum hand rail bolted around it?

    If so, you can take the plastic windshield to a glass store and they can replace it with either lexan or plexiglass. if the handrail is broken too.....any local welder should be able to make you a replacement.

    If you dont have the windshield mentioned above and have the deluxe safety glass windhsield that is inserted in the black aluminum housing, this is a whole different story. If the glass is broken, that can be easily replaced at any local glass store...just take the measurements or bring in the aluminum windshield frame. if the aluminum windshield frame is broken too....I would try and have it fixed (rewelded) because there are not too many used ones around (one or two on ebay once in a while)and while they can be custom made they're super expensive.

    Good luck.


    Ed Mancini

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      Craig, I just looked at your pics on my webpage. It looks plastic to me. Look in the phone book for someone who does plastic fabrication and have them remake the windshield out of Lexan.

      I knew of a guy in Baltimore who did great work, but he screwed me in the end. The first and second windshields he sent me arrived broken. He was paid for both of them by insurance, but never sent me the remade windshield. Now he won't answer any of my calls. I need to report him to the BBB up there. By the way... that was Clear and Present Plastics.

      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        Thanks for the replies. It is the plastic windshield w/ the aluminum handrail. I'll look locally and have one made.


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          That should work well if the aluminum isn't damaged...[]

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            Here's a place advertising doing acrilic and Lexan windshields for boats.