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  • Mako Saves the Day

    I fished again today on my buddies 231 Proline, chasing Cobia.

    We had somw motor problems and broke down in Pensacola Bay.

    A nice fellow came by with 3 adults and 3 kids on board a 211 Mako w/ a 225 Mariner and towed us to Shoreline park in Gulf Breeze.

    I don't know the man's name, but I told him he would be on ClassicMako.Com this evening. HeHe Thank You VERY MUCH.

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    Did you get to do any fishing before you broke down?
    1985 Mako 235[br]Houston Tx./ Biloxi Ms.


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      When I downloaded the pixs... I said to myself... I've got one that used to look like that[]

      Its a shame mine doesn't work anymore. Sure is nice that there are still some good people out on the water. Good guys in a good MAKO!
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        What make engine is on the Proline? If it's a Yammy, you gotta post that pic on THT with a full description! []

        Go get 'em Merc!!! []
        Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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          Yes we got to fish. Didn't see any today. We did see one boat hooked up.

          The motor on the Proline is a 225 Suzuki 2 stroke.

          Kevin's brother fell overboard. Jack lost his cell phone overboard and I caught some sun on my face. HeHe


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            My 1998 Suzuki 225hp 2 stroke has never let me down....(KNOCK ON WOOD)!!!

            Glad to hear that everyone made it home safely.



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              The real question is: Did you run out of beer? Nothing worse than getting stuck by a falling tide or dead engine and not having enough beer to weather the storm.
              SCMako17[br]1990 Mako 230 WA[br]Yamaha 200 2-stroke[br]Greenville, SC


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                [] Not Me.[] I wasn't worried. It was nice in the bay.