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  • Wiring question

    Last year when I wired up my new Mako 282 instrument panel on my 1991 Mako 231, I must have made a mistake somewhere because now when I hit the navlights/anchor light switch, both the nav lights and anchor lights come on, regardless of whether I just "anchor" or "Nav".

    I tried to fiddle with it, but since our summers are short, I figured I would leave it till now.

    Any suggestions as to what wires I crossed??? (not a wiring pro just yet!!)


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    Man, I just went through this a week ago. Let me look at my setup when I get home and I'll tell you exactly what you need to do. []
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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      Thanks Brian. Much appreciated.



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        The switch is a double pole, double throw. If it's backlit, which yours look to be, there will be eight prongs on the back. You're going to use seven of them. Now for the confusing part..... []

        Looking at the back of the switch, you should have four prongs on the right side and four on the left. The top right is for the ground wire and the top left will be for a blue wire that runs the backlighting. Directly below the ground and backlight prongsare the two prongs that correspond to pushing the bottom of the switch to provide power to one load (probably anchor light). The next two prongs bring power into the switch and the bottom two prongs provide power to the other load when you push the top of the switch (probably nav. lights).

        Step one. Run a black ground wire to the top right prong. You probably already have this done.

        Step two. Run a blue wire to the top left prong. You should be able to splice this wire into a wire that runs your gauge lights. If the backlighting works, you probably already have this done as well.

        Step three. Run an orange fused power wire to one of the middle prongs. From there, use a small orange jumper to provide power to the prong directly beside it. Make sense still?

        Step four. Connect the wire that runs to the bow light to the bottom left prong. You will probably also have to connect the wire that runs to your gauge lights to the same prong. There are adapters for that.( DO NOT connect the gauge lights wire to the bottom right prong. You'll need this prong available later.

        Step five. Connect that wire that runs to the anchor light to the second prong down from the top on the left side.

        Step six. Using another adapter, run a second jumper to the bottom right prong.

        This should get you squared away. If you have any questions feel free to call me one evening.

        Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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          Hey Brian-

          I have printed out your email and as soon as I can get under the shrinkwrap, I will sort this out.

          Thanks for the detailed information. If I have any questions, I will call you.