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  • Fuel tank Access Compartment

    Under the center console, there is a plate about 12" x 12". I notice that this had a hole in it as a result of the front supports for the t-top mounted right over top of it. (This was not a real good t-top design and has been removed. Another post and problem for another day).

    Anyway, when I remove the access cover, the area beneath it with the hose fittings and clamps was full of water and good old cold water slim. I hunted around for a drain area and never found one, but assume one is there and stopped up.

    Does anyone know where the drain hole or hose for this area is routed? I don't want to poke too much as the area is filled with foam.
    Bill Moore[br]Eden, North Carolina[br]\'81 Mako 21 Center Console

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    I not sure exactly what you are exactly what you are talking about but it doesn't sound good. How do you think the water is getting in there? There may be a drain that is clogged with a piece of foam but there may not be one. The best you can probably do is find the nearest bulkhead toward the stern. and possibly somewhere in the center or near the center there might be a drain for that compartment. Once again there might not be, and it may be a glassed/puttied in piece of PVC that drains another compartment. It is possible that the compartment you are dealin with was supposed to be sealed off.

    Take a shop vac and suck all the water out that you can and reassess
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      Thanks Wilson,

      There is no doubt that it was no longer sealed up correctly. Removed the four screws and it came out with the last one. Also, the original t-top was mounted with two post going down through the console to the floor. The mounting plate for those was screwed over the corner of the access and that corner has about a 1" hole it in now. The reason for removing was to patch that hole. Based on the cold water slime, it's been holding water for a while, which might be why it isn't draining.

      One thing I remember is that with the splash well cover plate out in the rear, there was a couple of PVC pipes coming from somewhere forward right to one side of the live well in the floor. I was hoping one of those was a drain for that area, but I didn't want to un-caulk the access plate. One of those might be the drain for the center storage compartment up front since it is the only compartment that doesn't drain out in the floor and end up at the scuffers.

      I would also imagine that the water might not only be coming from that small access cover, but from the fuel tank access, which is caulked and much larger. It also extends well out from underneath the console.

      Wet dry and searching around with a hose might be the next answer. I know a cup of clorox will disolve the slim.

      Thanks for you help
      Bill Moore[br]Eden, North Carolina[br]\'81 Mako 21 Center Console


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        Bill - I'm not sure what hull you are dealing with here but I just pulled the tank on my 1993 211 and surprisingly the 110 gallon tank was sitting a compartment that was supossed to be sealed; i.e. there was not a drain on that compartment where the fuel tank is housed. Bad design if you ask me. After we pulled the floor and started chipping away the foam the tank actually started floating! We estimate that there was over 50 gallons of water in there surrounding the tank. (think 50 gallon times 8 lbs per gallon)We think it was coming from a bad seal on the bait well which is just to the rear of the fuel compartment. Needless to say, even though this is supossed to be a sealed compartment, we are putting in a drain before we put the new tank back in. Hope this helps.


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          I guess since I am re-doing a great deal of wiring and work on the center console right now, this is the perfect time to take it a step further and find out how deep this problem is. You can bet if I go to the problem of pulling the tank cover, I will put in a new tank at the same time. Still think one of the two small PVC pipe coming down beside the live well might be a drain for that area.

          Thanks for you input.
          Bill Moore[br]Eden, North Carolina[br]\'81 Mako 21 Center Console