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1986 Mako 254CC fuel tank questions

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  • 1986 Mako 254CC fuel tank questions


    First post here. If this has been covered a hundred times, I'm sorry...I did look around first

    I was installing a new GPS/Sonar yesterday and found a lot of watersoaked foam around my fuel tank when digging around. I don't suppose this surprised me, the boat is HEAVY. It would be nice to shave off a thousand pounds or so...

    Anyhow, I was reading back through some old posts about how to clean the mess out, and found some references to tank sizes and quantities. How can I find out exactly what tank configuration I have, short of removing the console and hatches? I do have two hatches in the floor that together run about 1/2 the length of the boat. The back one is about twice as long as the front one.



    P.S. Nice forum. I'll be here often I suspect...

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    I have a 1984 254CC with 2 tanks the main tank is 150 gal and the aux tank is 50 gal. If you have the same configuration let me know and I will send you the deminsions. I currently have my main tank pulled and getting a new one made. Can you read a powerpoint file. I have my tank drawn out there. Let me know..send me your email.

    Ray Burger[br]Cajun Custom Rods[br]1984 Mako 254[br]Denham Springs