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relocating batteries, and re wireing..HELP

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  • relocating batteries, and re wireing..HELP

    I have started my project, a 25' '76 Mako. I want to move the batteries to the console and re wire everything. I am wondreing if anyone has advice on where to put all of the stuff, batteries, oil tank, salt water wash pump, battery switch etc. Thanks
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    I've been there and done that with an 81 Mako 21. Went to a Welding shop and bought the cable and fitting. You must size these correctly to keep from having a voltage drop when starting the engine. The fitting need to be soidered on with a butane torch. The Mako 21 of my vintage had the batteries in side compartments on each side of the motor well high up.

    Moving them to the center console was a huge improvement for me. Easy to get to and service if needed. Don't have the washdown pump, but their is plenty of room under the console if you so desired, however, I would caution with putting presurize water in a compartment that maily contains electrical.
    Bill Moore[br]Eden, North Carolina[br]\'81 Mako 21 Center Console


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      You can get regular tined Marine cable from these folks. They have very good service and great prices. The only thing is they don't take credit cards, you have to set up a Pay Pal account. Iwas very pleased with the first order I made from them.[]