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  • Extending the top

    I've been giving this boat of mine a real hard look. The 2in extension that the top hangs over the side disapear's when you look at it from stright ahead and about 49ft in front of the boat.

    I took about 5 pix's of it from stright ahead and sent them to my buddy Mike. He made his living for 30yrs building and repairing boat's and I value his opinion.

    He sayed screw it, finish the boat, but I know you. If I say leave it alone I will change it. HeHe

    So I put a call in to my buddy Erevett. He came over and I showed him what I was talking about. He has an evil eye and he has taste too.

    I sayed it's up to you. He agreed with me add 2in on each side to widen the top.

    So I don't have any more 1 1/4 thick Kledgecell. We ripped 3/4in and 1/2in Kledgecell and I will glue them together to make the 1 1/4in thick material.

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    Fix it the way you like or it will always knaw at you down the road. Good call.

    Oakley, California


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      Yep, That's what I throught too. A couple of day's work right now.

      A couple of weeks work if I redo it after it's all painted and finished.

      But today I'm chasing Cobia.[]