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  • Warthog

    I had 8 rolls of film developed and still have not found the pics of the 74 23' MAKO stringers when I had the deck out, got one undeveloped roll left hopefully it's the right one, if not then they were taken with the digital camera and lost when the pc crashed a few months ago.
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    I hate that when that happens.


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      Originally posted by Get Reel

      ...if not then they were taken with the digital camera and lost when the pc crashed a few months ago.

      Was the hard disk accessible at all (or can you tell?)?? If it was a software corruption, the data may be accessible, but if someone has already wiped it and reloaded, then it's gone for good. If the hard disk unit went bad, depending on what was wrong it could be still retrieved by a qualified technician.

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        The motherboard went out, switched hard drive to another pc that had a bad hard drive.. Can I retrieve them going into regedit?
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          lots of variables here, reel. but let me see if i can make the easiest suggestion. i assume you have a new (or another) computer since you're posting. if it is a desktop, power it down and remove the cover from the cpu box, the ribbon cable for your hard drive should have and extra drive connector. check the hard drive jumper, there should be a diagram on the hard drive and set it to slave (on the "crashed" drive). plug it into the empty connector and reboot the machine. you can then explore the hard drive with windows explorer once the machine has rebooted. hope this helps. email if you have any questions.
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