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MAKO 261 cc (hull only)

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  • MAKO 261 cc (hull only)

    The one on or Ebay is already over $2000 on day 1 and it's got a week to go yet []
    1974 23\' Mako [br]1980 25\' Mako [br]

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    A friend of mine was trying to tell me to buy that one... I told him aside from the lack of a place to keep it until our new house is done, the lack of time to fool with it until the house and the Mako 21 are done, and the divorce that would occur if I told my wife I wanted to get another project boat when we have a house and baby on the way.... Wow! I'd be cooked.

    Anyway, I told him that this particular boat would go for nearly $8-10,000 and that is no trailer, no motors, no trim tbas, no console, no nothing! Hell theres a 261B for sale in South Carolina with a nice trailer, running motors, T-top, electronics, epirb, outriggers, and a bunch more for $20,000! I wouldn't have to do a thing to it. But, refer to the above paragraph as to why I'm not dragging it home.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      That boat is being auctioned by, formerly Bentboat. I rarely ever see a boat go for a good deal through their auction network. I do not know how they get such top dollar (shill bidding?) but they sure do get it.

      Like Ring said, you can find a used running one for about 20K, why pay ten for one that will need at least 40K to get in running order.
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        auction ended at $6,351.00
        1974 23\' Mako [br]1980 25\' Mako [br]