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Paste Gelcoat or Aerosol gelcoat

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  • Paste Gelcoat or Aerosol gelcoat

    I have a small area that I repaired and need to re-gelcoat. The area is approximately 1" wide by 20" long. What are the advantages to using paste gelcoat or buying "paint consistency" gelcoat and spraying it in something similar to a Preval sprayer. I have heard that you could thin the paste gelcoat with styrene up to 20%.

    Any suggestions from you pros?

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    The paste gelcoat is gelcoat thickened with cabosil. You can get a quart of gelcoat and thicken it too the consistency that you like and apply it with a squeege. OR you can apply the stuff with a brush and sand it down. OR you can try to spray it with apreval sprayer, but you will have to thin it 10-15% with styrene. If you have a compressor, or access to one, you can get a cheap touch-up gn from Sears or Lowes and use that to spray and you won't have to thin the gelcoat as much. Either method mentioned above, you will have to follow up with sanding and wet sanding, then buffing. Also if you are using gelcoat with wax additive, you'll have to over spray the repair with PVA.

    I get all of my gelcoat from Mini Craft I get quarts with wax already added, and I get a spray reducer that I mix in at about 20%. Then I spray with a touch-up gun and the reducer really makes it smooth out very nice.

    You'll have to over build by a few mils because the gelcoat will shrink on curing. And as mentioned above, you still have to sand and buff.
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      What color for an '81? GK2 according to chart. The interior is that mustard/brown color but I don't see it on their site. Guess I gotta mix or redo the whole thing. Your opinion please.

      Great looking house BTW
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