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    I am putting together a Merc 225 EFI, with a few modifications that should bring it up to 260-270hp (Brucato SVS and intake, ignition computer from a 250 race motor (should give it a redline of 6100 if I want to go there), Boyesen reeds, matched injectors, Torquemaster gearcase w/1.75 ratio). Right now I am running a Merc 200 (Carb / 1.87 ratio) with a 17" Mirage (gets me a max speed of around 42mph).... For those out there with 225hp motors, and similar length/weight boats, what prop are you running - 19" or can you squeeze a 21"?


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    I'm betting with power like your talking about, you'll have no trouble running the 19P and with a light load the 21P will be great! Can't wait to hear more.

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      But the BIG question is....once you mount that are your scuppers going to be underwater? [][][]


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        I cannot remember what size my prop is for sure but 17 x 14 seems to ring a bell. I tried a couple of props from the dealer before picking this one, it is a Rapture from Michigan Prop. I run a stock Johnson 225 on my 224. With a full tank of fuel I can run up to 45 mph. With an empty tank and perfect conditions I once got 52 out of it. I do not have a T-Top.

        Yes your scuppers will be under water with a 225, at least mine have always been.

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          Your numbers sound right. I understand that OMC SST props are not the worlds best, I had mine checked at the prop is a true 21 and my 225 Johnson slings it to 6100 Revs. At about 42 MPH.

          I do have a question.......why make or put a racing motor on a fishing boat. Sounds to me like your reliability may be going out the window. If ya want more speed, slap a 250 direct inject on it, or better yet, I know where a cherry, stock, low hour, carbed, late model 250 OMC V8 is for 3500.00. It will make that thing fly.


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            The 225 weighs approx 75 more pounds on paper than a 200 Carb. Part of my upgrade, will also include a Mercury "Alien" cowling that drops 20-25lbs off of a standard cowling (you can see it on its old boat at )... So I should end up about 50 lbs up from my current weight - My scuppers will probably be in the water, but hopefully not as bad as they could be.

            Alcedo, no thanks on a big V8. As far as reliability, the 3.0 motors can be pushed a few notches without sacrificing too much reliability... They share the same block, pistons, rods, between the 225 and 250.... and the fuel injection on the later models is the same between the 225 and 250 (4 butterflies on the throttle plate). The rest of the power differences between a stock 225 and 250 are made up with RPM, higher compression heads, etc. The ignition computer shouldn't make things too wild, unless I want them to be (i.e. if I don't push the throttle all the way, then I am no worse off than the standard computer). Anyway time will tell... I also have a spare 250 block that I am going to build up as a replacement powerhead when needed.


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              I know jack about motors, but the Merc 150 XR2 that MakoMyDay had on his old Wellcraft 18 was one of the fastest and most durable motors I've ever seen. That motor wasn't happy unless it was running 5800rpm!

              Some guys are just gear heads by nature. They like to build/modify motors and then going real fast is their prize so to say. I say, MORE POWER TO 'EM! I like fast!

              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                You young guns remind me of when I snuck my dads 25 Johnson on my 8 ft. hydroplane. He drove up just in time to see the 20 foot roostertail go by our dock.

                Now that I'm older than dirt...I don't seem to enjoy my eyelids balooning out and tears streaming back on the side of my head.

                Go for it! while you can. I'll be the one headed offshore running 28 knots smiling and chuckling at you fast cats.

                "Give 'er 'ell skippy,,,,I ain't got narry a dime in 'er"

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