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  • Fuel Smell '93 Mako 211

    Okay - I'm back. Have not had time to deal with my fuel tank problem since I am a CPA and am a little busy this time of year but I figured that since I am going to want to use the boat in a few weeks I better get my head out of my arse and get someone wotking on this. Dropped the boat off an hour ago with the rigger who is going to pull the tank. I will hopefully get some before, during and after pictures. He is thinking it will cost be around $2,000. $1,000 labor to him and around $1000 for the tank itself. This guy does the rigging for a new boat manufacturer so I am fairly confident he will do a good job. He did my buddies custom 36 CC and I saw his work and it was good.

    I asked him about coal tar espoxying the tank and he said he has never used it before but he would look into it. He said he typicaly only uses a zinc primer - So what is the story with coal tar epoxy?


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    He'll want to sand the tank with 80 grit on the DA sander (or sand blast it if he has the equipment) and then wash it with a product like Aluma-Brite (aluminum cleaner/etchant). Then coat the tank with the zinc chromate primer and then put 2 coats of coal tar epoxy on the tank.

    I am about to go throught he process on a tank for my father-in-laws boat. I haven't priced the coal tar epoxy yet, nor do I know how far the stuff goes. I'll post more as I learn more.
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      I saw that FGCI has the coal tar epoxy, but the catalog does not list a price. A quick call would probably do it.
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        Dont know the price of the Coal Tar Epoxy off hand as I never was the one to buy it, but have used that to coat the bowls of industrial sump pumps we rebuilt when I worked at a machine shop. The stuff can go as short or as far as you like depending on how much epoxy thinner you mix with it. All depends on if you want some thin coats or one heavy coat. Just mix the two parts like the instructions say or you wont get the proper corrosion resistant properties that are intended.
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          By the way what the hell is the difference in regular epoxy and coal tar epoxy... ...beside the name and black color?
          1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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            Leaning post is out, t-top is off, console is off, floor is up, tank is being emptied as we speak. He said it looks ugly!


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              Just talked to the guy who is pulling the tank. They have the tank loose and apparently it is floating? Not sure what it is floating on.... water, gas????? The odd thing is that the boat is tilted back so how can it be floating? The guy says evidently something is not draining????? I'm very confused and worried!


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                I am not exactly sure how your boat is setup, but it sounds like the area where the gas tank is has been sealed or plugged up and any water/gas that has seeped into the area is causing the tank to float.

                Doas anyone know if there are drains in this particular boats gas tank compartment? If you look at my 231 owners manual that is posted on this site it says that the thru-hull on the starboard side of the transom is connected to a "tank top drain". Maybe your boat has something similar??

                On the brightside, at least it wont be that difficult to remove!


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                  I guess I did not expect the tank to be in its own separate compartment. I figured the tank was just in the bilge and it any liquid would drain straight to the bilge. But you sound like you are correct ā€“ must be a separate compartment and it must be plugged up ā€“ my guess is that it is plugged up with foam. Iā€™m heading over to check it out here in a bit.


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                    Ok, the tank is out. The bottom of the tank was pretty much soft and flaking away. Evidently the tank sits in a compartment that was not designed to drain as crazy as that sounds. They pumped out around 50 gallons of water/gas that was surrounding the tank. The foam was basically waterlogged. What it looks like happened is that there was a bad seal on the top of the bait well which is in the floor and the water was overflowing into the gas tank compartment and had nowhere to go. Who knows how long that water has been in there??? He did not have the normal problem of trying to bust the tank loose. It basically popped right up since it wanted to float! Lets see, if I had 50 gallons of saltwater in there at around 9 lbs per gallon, I have been hauling around an extra 450 lbs for quite some time. Even though this should be a sealed compartment we are going to put a drain hose in there so this will not happen again. I have pictures I will post later. The guy also was laughing at the plumbing for the bait well. He is going to rip it all out and start from scratch.


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                      If someone wants to post these pictures I will emaili them to you because I have no clue how to do that nor do I have the time to learn at this point in time.