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mako 171 repower questions

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    Hey Mubik,

    It is an '04 4 stroke. The red line is 6200 according to the manual. I think the redline for the 115 is 6000 and the 90 relines at 5800 - or something like that. The Suzi's have a timing CHAIN and not a belt and the 140 is the same block as the 90 and 115. It weighs less that the 115 and that's why I got it. I really like it. Hope to get out tomorrow and catch some dinner ;-)
    Corpuscruiser[br]Northern AL[br]\'94 171


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      A 17 mako? why go 4 stroke? We use a 90 evinrude. Runs and performs great. It is also a lot lighter than a four and gets just as good if not better fuel miles.
      chip[br]1971 mako 19\' / 2013 Pathfinder 22TE[br]Panama City,FL[br]


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        mubikS, mako224, corpus;

        Thanks for the input. My dealer says I'd have to hang it myself (which I don't mind). State Farm, where I have it insured now, says nothing over 135. BoatUS said it was OK but I didn't see the details of "OK". Hummm, also saw E-tec 130 is coming out, 370lbs. Dealer said the release had not happened even though the brochure has it printed. My Merc really screams so maybe I'll just wait for the 130 if I stay with State Farm.
        1995 171 Mako[br]135 Merc